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Adult Short Stories

The Abbot's Ghost (or, Maurice Treherne's Temptation: A Christmas Story)


Behind a Mask (or, A Woman's Power)

La Belle Bayadere

Betrayed by a Buckle

The Blue and the Gray

The Brothers (or, My Contraband)

Countess Varazoff

Debby's Debut

Doctor Dorn's Revenge

A Double Tragedy


Fatal Follies

Fate in a Fan

The Fate of the Forrests

The Freak of a Genius

The Golden Wedding and What Came of It

Honor's Fortune

Hope's Debut

An Hour

How I Went Out to Service

La Jeune (or, Actress and Woman)

The Lady and the Woman

A Laugh and a Look

Love and Self-Love

A Marble Woman (or, The Mysterious Model)

Marion Earle (or, Only an Actress!)

The Masked Marriage


A Modern Cinderella (or, The Little Old Shoe)

Mrs. Vane's Charade

My Mysterious Mademoiselle

My Red Cap

The Mysterious Key, and What it Opened

A Nurse's Story

A Pair of Eyes (or, Modern Magic)

Pauline's Passion and Punishment

Perilous Play

The Rival Painters

The Rival Prima Donnas

The Romance of a Bouquet

The Sisters' Trial

The Skeleton in the Closet

Taming a Tartar

Thrice Tempted

Transcendental Wild Oats

V.V. (or, Plots and Counterplots)

Which Wins?

A Whisper in the Dark