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An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving

By Louisa May Alcott

Illustrated By Holly Johnson

At the Bassett farm in the New Hampshire hills, preperations are going on for a splendid Thanksgiving feast. The four girls are chopping and slicing and grinding, while their mother kneads the bread and rolls the pie crust. The baby is kicking and cooing in the old blue cradle that has rocked seven other babies. The two small boys are shelling corn for popcorn, and the oldest is out helping his pa.

Suddenly a stranger comes into the yard, with news that Grandmother is failing fast. Bundling up the baby and leaving instructions to ward against a coming storm, Mr. and Mrs. Bassett set out for Grandmother's house.

What happens when the girls decide to go ahead on their own with the Thanksgiving feast is as funny and true to like as if it had heppened this year. With a happy, surprising ending, and recipies for some favorite holiday dishes, An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving is as satisfying as the best Thanksgiving dinner.

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