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Alexa Gilmour

Alexa Gilmour was in the episode: "Christmas Angel".

Other Shows In: "Deeply" as Franny in 2000
"Bless the Child" as Good Samaritan on Subway in 2000
"Happy Christmas Miss King" as Hanna Lester in 1998(TV)
"The Big Hit" as Aly, Keiko's Friend in 1998
"Spenser: Ceremony" as Patty Gurwitz in 1993(TV)

Notable Guest Appearances: "Twice In A lifetime" as Young Woman in ep. Sixteen Candles in 1999
"Poltergeist: The Legacy" as Janet in ep. Ghost in the Road in 1996
"Highlander" as Sharon in ep. Rite of Passage in 1992
"Forever Knight" as Louise in ep. A Fate Worse Than D-ath in 1992
"The Mighty Jungle" as Janie in ep. Allison's Restaurant in 1994
"The Mighty Jungle" as Jill in ep. Home Alone in 1994
"Forever Knight" in ep. False Witness in 1992
"Katts and Dog" in ep. Smokescreen in 1988
"My Secret Identity" in ep. Don't Look Down in 1988

Most of the information on this page came from the Internet Movie Database