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Amy Price-Francis

Where: England
Where She Lives Now: I think, New York.

Other Shows In: "Tracker" as Mel Porter in 2001 (TV Series)

Notable Guest Appearances: "Soul Food" as Heather Bryant in ep. Man Trouble on 9/6/00.
"Twice In A Lifetime" in the ep. Old Flames as Young Edwina Lewis on 2/16/00.

She Was In Theatre Productions Of: "Kareena" in 1998.

Other Significant Items: She lived in Italy, and Canada before settling in New York. She will appear in a production at Toronto's Tarragon Theatre, early 2000

Little Piece Of Trivia: Jen said that Amy wanted to jump in with the pigs in the episode "Three Angry Women".

Most of the information on this page came from the Internet Movie Database

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