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Arlene Duncan

Arlene Duncan was in the episode: "Emancipation".

Other Shows In: "Don't Say a Word" as Aide in 2001
"Enslavement: The True Story Of Fanny Kemlde" as Harriet in 2000
"Mail to the Chief" as Operator #1 in 1999(TV)
"Extreme Measures" as ER Nurse in 1996
"Web Of Deceit" as Clinic Nurse in 1994(TV)
"Car 54, Where Are You?" as Officer kagan in 1994
"Body Parts" as Nurse #1 in 1991
"F/X2" as H**ker in 1991
"The Liberators" as Amanda in 1987(TV)
"Kay O'Brien" as O.R. Nurse in 1986(TV SERIES)
"Reckless Disregard" as Staffer #1 in 1985(TV)
"An Amerian Christmas Carol" as Jennie Reeves in 1979(TV)

Notable Guest Appearances: "Soul Food" as Vanessa in ep. More Things Change in 2000
"Katts and Dog" in ep. Big Man On Campus in 1988

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