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Ben Cardinal

Ben Cardinal was in the episode: "Looking Forward".

Other Shows In: "My Brother's Keeper" as Running Bear in 2002 (TV)
"By Dawn's Early Light" as Ro in 2000 (TV)
"Navigating the Heart" as Jake in 2000(TV)
"A Vision Of M*rder: The Story of Donielle" as Bar Owner in 2000(TV)
"Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy" as Nelson George in 1998(TV SERIES)
"Dirty Little Secret" in 1998
"Keys doms" as Richard in 1998
"All the Winters That Have Been" as Waldo Raven in 1997(TV)
"Alaska" as Charlie in 1996
"Magic in the Water" as Joe Pickled Trout in 1995
"The Wolves" as Larry in 1995
"How the West Was Fun" as George in 1994(TV)
"Avalanche" as Hunter (uncredited) in 1994(TV)
"Road to Saddle River" in 1994
"Unforgiven" as Johnny Foley in 1992
"Divided Loyalties" in 1989

Notable Guest Appearances: "So Wierd" in ep. Drive in 1999
"The Sentinel" as Dan Wolf in ep. Remembrance in 1996
"The Sentinel" as Dan Wolf in ep. Mirror Image in 1996
"Sleepwalkers" in ep. Forlorn in 1997
"The Sentinel" as Dan Wolf in ep. Red Ice in 1996
"Two" in ep. Bad COmpany in 1996
"The Ray Bradbury Theatre" in ep. And The Moon Be Still As Bright in 1985

Wrote and Directed: "Moccasin Flats" in 1991 (TV Series - mini)

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