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Synopsis: On her way home from town, Jo's carriage overturns when her horse gets spooked by a gunshot. Jo finds herself in the cabin of a lonely woodsman who attends to her injuries. While Jo is grateful for his help, there is something about this melancholic stranger that concerns her. When a storm sets in and Jo does not return from her trip, Nick sets out to search for her. Left in charge of the kids, Franz struggles to assert his authority.

After Jo's carriage overturns, Nick searches for her; Dan is left in charge of the children.

Rating: 3 Stars!

Episode Number: 110

Original Air Date: February 6, 1999

Favorite Quote(s):

Nick: Do you need anything?
Franz: My sanity.

Reson For Rating: Not a really great episode. It had a couple of scenes, but nothing that really jumps into memory except for the scene that I didn't like, and that was when Franz and Dan were fighting, and Dan actually hit Franz!

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