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Synopsis: Desperate to excel at school, Nan steals one of Nat's skillful essays and passes it off as her own. She discovers that maintaining the charade involves more deceit and moral dilemmas than she ever imagined. Intrigued by Nick's involvement in a poker game at the local tavern, Laurie's curiosity escalates into full blown gambling fever which threatens to tarnish his upright and sensible image, not only in town, but at Plumfield as well.

Nan plagiarizes one of Nat's essays; Laurie catches gambling fever.

Rating: 2 1/2 Stars!

Episode Number: 108

Original Air Date: January 16, 1999

Favorite Quote(s):

Franz: I started reading your new stories at recess and I must say there was one that made quite an impression.
Dan: So what did you write about this time, Nat?
Franz: Nat's written a fine story, but the author I'm speaking of, is Nan.
Everyone: Nan?!
Franz: You've made quite a breathrough. Your writing is suddenly filled with color and vitality.
Nan: It wasn't much.
Franz: Nonsense, it's a wonderful tale of-
Nan: Don't! I mean, please don't read it out to the class Franz, it's private.
Franz: It really is very good.
Tommy: Aw come on Nan, you finally wrote something decent.

Nat: You stole my story!
Nan: Please don't tell.
Nat: And you went through my things.
Nan: I was desperate. It was getting really late, and I couldn't think of anything to write. You have that whole box full of stories.
Nat: So you took one, and you cheated.
Nan: I feel terrible about it Nat, please. I'll go tell Franz and Mrs. Jo right now. Of course it'll be really hard and embarrassing, and I'll be in big trouble, but if that's what you want me to do.
Nat: Just don't do it again.
Nan: I won't.

Laurie: But please, everyone, call me Laurie. Theodore, Teddy, Ted.

Nan: You're just jealous. It's always, 'oh what a wonderful story Nat wrote, isn't he talented?' Well finally I wrote something good for a change and you just can't stand it.
Nat: Is that what you really think? Well then you're fooling yourself about that one too.

Nan: Nat, why did you help me like that?
Nat: Cuz you're my friend.

Reson For Rating: The reason that it got the extra 1/2 star was because I really did like the parts with Nat and Nan. I like how their friendship starts to evolve, and I like how Nat sticks up for Nan even though she stole his story, BUT, I really didn't like the drinking/gambling storyline.

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