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Leap Of Faith

Synopsis: Nick's charming brother is pursued by gamblers to whom he owes money. - TV Guide

A surprise visit to Plumfield by Nick's younger brother Ben brings pleasure to all, as Ben is an amiable man and an engaging storyteller. But the visit soon turns sour when Ben reveals he is still the reckless, irresponsible kid brother Nick remembers. When Ben narrowly escapes from two shady characters who have tracked him down in a bar, he admits to Nick that he is wanted for gambling debts. Nick fears for his brother's safety and his love for his brother is sorely tested. Nan and Bess face a crisis of their own, brought about by Bess' decision to pursue a singing career. Though she loves to sing, and relishes her role in a performing quartet, Bess lacks talent, and her voice, unaccompanied, is actually painful to listen to. While Nan tries desperately to find a way to protect Bess from humiliation and disappointment without destroying their relationship, Nick discovers that the only way he can truly help Ben is to force him to confront his problems instead of running away from them. - CTV

Rating: 4 Stars!

Episode Number: 207

Original Air Date: October 15, 1999

Favorite Quote(s):

None at the moment, sorry . . :(

Reason For Rating: What can I say, I really like Ben! This was another one of "Little Men's" finest, with an interesting storyline, and a true-to-life look at family relationships.

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