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Synopsis: With the sudden death of her husband Fritz, Jo Bhaer must find a way to keep their Plumfield School for Boys in operation. Now without it's teacher and a school caretaker, Plumfield looks to be endangered and parents are beginning to pull their boys out of school. Then Nick, a merchant marine with a past, shows up and takes on the role of temporary caretaker. He proves to be a positive influence on the boys and Jo, and reminds her why Plumfield is needed and gives her the courage to go on without Fritz.

In the wake of the sudden death of her husband, Jo Bhaer (Michelle Rene Thomas) must find a way to keep the Plumfield School for Boys open..

Based on the Louisa May Alcott classics, this family drama finds Jo Bhaer (Michelle Rene Thomas) running a boarding school in 19th-century Massachusetts. Nick Riley: Spencer Rochfort. Dan: Corey Sevier. Nat: Trevor Blumas.

A former sailor (Spencer Rochfort) helps a widow (Michelle Rene Thomas) run a boarding school for boys.

Rating: 5 Stars!

Episode Number: 101

Original Air Date: November 7, 1998

Favorite Quote(s):

Meg: You are a puzzle, Jo.
Jo: Life is a puzzle, Meg, and we must never stop searching for the pieces.

Nan: My father really doesn't life me. He says I talk too much.
Dan: What a surprise!

Reson For Rating: This episode introduces almost all of the characters, as well as explaining the disappearance of Fritz. It has a certain "quality" to it, and is a must see for anyone!

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