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Christopher Bolton

Christopher Bolton was in the episodes: "Brothers and Sisters" and "Home For Christmas".

Other Shows In: "A Colder Kind Of Death" as Kevin Tarpley in 2001 (TV)
"Global Heresy" as Carl in 2001.
"The Third Miracle" as Wayne Stozzi in 1999.
"Hendrix" as Ron Terry in 2000 (TV).
"K*lling Moon" as Peter Neely in 2000(TV)
"Ordeal in the Arctic" as Michael Moore in 1993(TV)
"City Boy" as Simon Wessner in 1992(TV)
"I Still Dream Of Jeannie" as Tony Nelson Jr. in 1991(TV)
"Northwood" in 1991(TV SERIES)
"My Secret Identity" as Kirk Stevens in 1988(TV SERIES)
"Airwaves" as Matt in 1985 (TV SERIES).

Notable Guest Appearances: "Blue M*rder" in ep. Partners in 2001.
"PSI Factor: Chronicles Of The Paranormal" as Lenny Brewster in ep. Once Upon A Time In The West" in 1996.
"Poltergeist: The Legacy" as Darren Harding in ep. H**l Hath No Fury in 1996
"Neon Rider" in ep. Phoenix in 1990

Most of the information on this page came from the Internet Movie Database