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Chris Benson

Chris Benson was in the episodes: Not exactly sure of all of the episodes that he was in. If anybody knows, let me know.

Now Lives In: Cannington, Ontario

He is #3 of 9 kids in a Navy family

He is Married with 2 kids

Other Shows In: "Get Over It" as Cop #2 in 2001
"One True Love" as Sgt. McGee in 2000 (TV)
"Detroit Rock City" as Mr. Johansen in 1999
"Foolish Heart" as Detective #1 in 1999(TV SERIES)
"Happy Christmas, Miss King" as Stagehand in 1998(TV)
"Down In The Delta" in 1998
"Face Down" in 1997(TV)
"Riverdale" as Wally in 1997(TV SERIES)
"Two if by Sea" as Local Cop in 1996
"Dangerous Offender" as Male Cop in 1996
"Fly Away Home" as Farmer in 1996
"Black Fox" in 1995
"Butterbox Babies" as Cliff Fell in 1995
"Prince for a Day" as Sergeant in 1995(TV)
"The Shamrock Conspiracy" as Bartender in 1995(TV)
"Under the Piano" as Bill in 1995(TV)
"The Santa Clause" as Fireman in 1994
"Guilty as Sin" as Arraignment Judge in 1993
"Amy Fisher: My Story" as Hotel Manager in 1992(TV)
"The Diamond Fleece" as Bartender in 1992(TV)
"The Cutting Edge" as Walter in 1992
"Snake Eater III: His Law" in 1992
"Conspiracy of Silence" as Const. Lambert in 1991(TV SERIES)
"The Kissing Place" as Patrolman in 1990
"The Big Town" as Shooter in 1987

Notable Guest Appearances: "Katts and Dog" in ep. Day In The Country in 1988
"Alfred Hitchcock Presents" as Policeman in ep. Kandinsky's Vault in 1985
"Katts and Dog" in ep. Best Friends in 1988

Most of the information on this page came from the Internet Movie Database