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Civil Disobedience

Synopsis: A picnic at Plumfield leads to near disaster when Tommy falls while climbing a tree and breaks his ankle. Though the injury to Tommy's limb is minor, the damage to Jo's reputation is not. Eli McBride, a local attorney and aspiring politician, launches an investigation into the incident with the intention of pressuring Jo into selling the Plumfield school to him. With the help of Harrison Bridger, the new editor of the town paper, McBride turns public opinion against Jo and her unconventional teaching methods. Wishing to protect the children from controversy, Jo is about to sell when a sit-in in front of the courthouse reveals how much her students love and respect her. - PAX

Popular opinion is turned against Jo when a boy breaks his leg. - TV Guide

...Wishing to protect the children from controversy, Jo decides to sell the school. The kids hear of this and vow to turn tables on McBride and keep Plumfield from closing its doors. - CTV (almost a direct copy of PAX until this point.)

Rating: 5 Stars!

Episode Number: 201

Original Air Date: August 27, 1999

Favorite Quote(s): Lots of One-liners! :)

Nan: But it wasn't anything bad. It was just a . . . you know, a . . coma.

Nick: I'm just the caretaker. I don't get involved much with the kids.

Nan: Plumfield is the best school there is. I should know, I've been kicked out of enough of them.

Dan: Mrs. Jo's just trying to protect us, now we gotta protect her.

Nat: It's not just a school, it's our home.

Laurie: Listen to the children!

Amy: Well, if the rest of my family is going to jail, I might as well go too.

Jo: Well, it isn't perfect, but it's still the best school in town! Let's go!

Reson For Rating: This episode is so good for playing with your emotions. One minute you'll be laughing, the next screaming, and the next crying. It shows how much everyone cares about Plumfield, Mrs. Jo, the children . . It's just an all around great episode!

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