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Coming Attractions

Synopsis: Edward Trenton, a business friend of Laurie's from Boston, is instantly smitten with Meg when he hears her perform a solo hymn in church. When Laurie introduces them, it is clear that Meg is attracted to Edward as well. As Jo sees Meg and Edward getting closer, she begins to feel awkward around Nick. Dan and Bess are both resentful when Franz pairs them up on a science project at school. Partners Nan and Nat discover some similarities between the courting rituals of the animals and the way Dan and Bess treat each other.

Meg is attracted to a friend of Laurie's; Dan and Bess are paired on a science project.

Rating: 4 1/2 Stars!

Episode Number: 109

Original Air Date: January 30, 1999

Favorite Quote(s):

Nat: Think he took the bait?
Nan: Oh yeah! Those two will be kissing in no time!

Nan: This is gonna be harder than we thought.
Nat: Yep.
Nan: It's time for Plan B.
Nat: What's Plan B?
Nan: I'll think of something.

Bess: Next time, I'm just going to talk to the horse!

Nat: Plan C?

Reson For Rating: I love this episode! It may be that I'm a hopless romantic, It may be that I love the Nick/Jo Nan/Nat Dan/Bess relationships, or it may be that it is just an all around good episode, but I would recommend it to anyone! (Especially if you want to see them hooked on Little Men by the end of an hour!)

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