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Dangerous Lessons

Synopsis: Nick and Dan track a lion that escaped from a traveling circus; Nat plays violin in a talent competition. - TV Guide

When a lion escapes from a traveling circus on its way to Boston, the town of Concord and the residents of Plumfield are thrown into panic. Nick joins the posse tracking the dangerous animal, and soon finds that Dan has snuck away from Plumfield to get in on the excitement. Rather than risk sending him back alone, Nick allows Dan to stay. Back at Plumfield, Nat is experiencing excitement of a different kind. Playing his violin, he has won a local talent competition, and the prize is personal instruction by a renowned teacher. But the experience turns bitter when the instructor's emotionally abusive teaching methods force Nat to abandon a violin given to him by his father for one of better quality. Meanwhile Dan, eager to be the first man in the posse to kill the lion, witnesses abuse of another kind when he comes face to face with the lion's whip scars, revealing a life of cruelty. Both Dan and Nat discover that compassion is more important than talent or competitiveness. - CTV

Rating: 3 Stars!

Episode Number: 203

Original Air Date: September 10, 1999

Favorite Quote(s):

Lady: It looks as though our judge has made his final decision.
Arlatta: Yes I have, and a difficult one it was too. Because all the contestants gave such wonderful performances. The winner is . . Nathaniel Blake.

Nan: Did you see the lion?
Aarlatta: Well, no. I'm afraid I didn't have that pleasure.
Nat: I thought you weren't going to come.
Arlatta: Nonsense! I fear no lion when a talented pupil awaits my instruction, and when my driver is carrying a loaded rifle at his side.

Nat: He (Nat's Father) gave it to me for my birthday before he died.
Arlatta: It means a lot to you then.
Nat: Yeah. It may sound kind of stupid, but sometimes when I play I feel like he's there playing with me, you know? Like he's the one playing and not me.
Arlatta: That doesn't sound strange at all. You're a very sensitive young man, Nat. It shows when you play.

Reason For Rating: It was kind of draggy (is that a word? Probably not.) in parts, but it was still a good episode.

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