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David Fox

David Fox was in the episode: "Blame"

Other Shows In:
"Prince Charming" as King Pius in 2001 (TV)
"For Love Of Olivia" as Jack Martin in 2001 (TV)
"Washed Up" as Mort in 2000
"Grey Owl" as Jim Wood in 1999
"Murder In A Small Town as Walter Godlin in 1999 (TV)
"Clutch" as Sam in 1998
"Conquest" as Carl Gallagher in 1998
"My Own Country" as Mr. Vines in 1998 (TV)
"Promise The Moon" as Sir Robert Butler in 1997 (TV)
"Dangerous Offender as Superintendent Kerr in 1996
"Jungle Boy" as Geller in 1996
"Spill" as George Skanz in 1996
"Black Fox: Good Men and Bad" as Carl Glenn in 1996 (TV)
"When Night Is Falling" as Reverend DeBoer in 1995
"The Circle Game" as Carl in 1994
"Family P*ctures" as Minister in 1993 (TV)
"Ordinary Magic" as Father/Warren in 1993
"By Way of the Stars" as Mr. Passlinger in 1992 (TV Series, mini)
"X-Men" as Additional Voices in 1992 (TV Series)
"The Women of Windsor" as Major Ferguson in 1992 (TV)
"Cadillacs and Dinosaurs" as Kirgo in 1991 (TV Series)
"Baby on Board" as Bum in 1991
"The Adventures of Tintin" as Captain Haddock in 1990 (TV Series)
"Road To Avonlea" - Clive Pettibone in 1990 (TV Series)
"Palais Royale" as Bob in 1988
" " as Townsperson in 1988
"Anne Of Green Gables: The Sequel" as John Blythe in 1987 (TV)
"The Su*cide M*rders" as Chester Yates in 1985 (TV)
"Samuel Lount" as David Willson in 1985
"Mrs. Soffel" as McNeil in 1984
"Silence Of The North" as Lea Goodwin in 1981
"Parallels" as Robert Dane in 1980

Writer Filmography:
"Joey" in 1980(TV)

Notable Guest Appearances:
"Due South" as Rev. Albert Barrow in ep. Say Amen on 3/4/99
"Poltergeist: The Legacy" as Dr. Praetorius" in ep. Dark Angel on 4/11/97
"Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal" as Hamilton Darwell in ep. The Warrior
"Traders" as Clifford Beal" in ep. Family Legacy in 1996
"Kung Fu: The Legend Continues" in ep. Gunfighters on 2/27/95
"Beyond Reality" as Colonel Franklin in ep. Final Flight on 12/12/92
"Street Legal" as Mr. McAndrew in ep. After the Fall on 1/24/92
"Street Legal" as Mr. McAndrew in ep. November on 1/17/92
"Street Legal" as Mr. McAndrew in ep. Breach of Trust on 1/10/92
"Mom P.I." in ep. 1 For You, 19 For Me in 1991
"The Littlest Hobo" as Mr. Greenwood in ep. "Applejack" on 3/8/84
"The Littlest Hobo" as Dr. Janssen in ep. "The Secret of Red Hill" on 9/24/81

Married To A Girl With A Farming Background

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