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Desmond Campbell

Desmond Campbell was in the episode: "Emancipation"

Other Shows In: "Cadet Kelly" as Lt. Col. Ross in 2002 (TV)
"Mom's Got A Date With A Vampire" as Bouncer in 2000 (TV)
"Bait" as Convict in 2000
"Frequency" as Forensic Tech Hector in 2000
"Revelation" as O.N.E. VR Guard #1 in 1999
"The Bone Collector" as Taxi Inspector in 1999
"The Minion" as Police Station Officer in 1998
"Universal Soldier II: Brothers in Arms" as Cooper/GR82 in 1998 (TV)
"Snake Eyes" as Arena Security in 1998
"Woo" as Officer #2 in 1998
"Elvis Meets Nixon" as Security Guard #2 in 1997 (TV)
"Beyond the Call" as Guard #1 in 1996 (TV)
"Double Jeopardy" as Black Cop in 1996 (TV)
"Marked Man" as Squad Guard #1 in 1995
"The Wharf Rat" as Jail Officer in 1995 (TV)
"The Android Aff*ir" as Peter in 1995 (TV)
"The Dark" as FBI Agent in 1994
"The K*lling Machine" as Security Guard in 1994
"Warriors" as Jordan in 1994
"Deadly Matrimony" as Cop at Canal in 1992 (TV)
"Devlin" as Police Guard in 1992
"Cross Country" as Mechanic in 1983

TV GUEST APPEARANCES: "The Hunger" in ep. I'm Dangerous Tonight as Pat Fisher in 1997
"Goosebumps" in ep. More Monster Blood as Steward in 1995
"Forever Knight" in ep. Blind Faith as Cop in 1992
"Forever Knight" in ep. If Looks Could K*ll in 1992
"Katts and Dog" in ep. Decoy Ducks in 1988
"Katts and Dog" in ep. Counterfeit Love in 1988
"Katts and Dog" in ep. Playing With Fire in 1988

Most of the information on this page came from the Internet Movie Database