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Don Trane Francks

Don Francks was in the episode: "Thanksgiving".

Born: 28 February 1932
Where: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Daughter: Cree Summer

Other Shows In: "My Name Is Tanino" as Chinawsky in 2002
"X-Men: Mutant Academy" as Savretooth/Victor Creed in 2000 (VG)
"Dinner at Fred's" as Gus in 1999
"The Minion" as Michael Baer in 1998
"Mr. Music" as Zal Adamchyk in 1998 (TV)
"Summer of the Monkeys" as Bayliss Hatcher in 1998
"The Silver Surfer" as Kalok in 1998
"A Prayer in the Dark" as Ken in 1997 (TV)
"La Femme Nikita" as Walter in 1997
"The Conspiracy of Fear" as Norman in 1996 (TV)
"Heck's Way Home" as Red in 1996
"Hostile Advances: The Kerry Ellison Story" as Marty in 1996 (TV)
"Bogus" as Dr. Surprise in 1996
"Harriet the Spy" as Harrison Withers in 1996
"Captive Heart: The James Mink Story" as Risser in 1996 (TV)
"The Deliverance of Elaine" as Hector in 1996
"Degree of Guilt" as Johnny Moore in 1995
"First Degree" as Lou Matlin in 1995
"The Possession of Michael D." as Marcel in 1995 (TV)
"Johnny Mnemonic" as Hooky in 1995
"A Vow To K*ll" as Smithford in 1995 (TV)
"Paint Cans" as Maitland Burns in 1994
"Small Gifts" as Peter in 1994 (TV)
"Madonna: Innocence Lost" as Jerome Kirkland in 1994 (TV)
"Blauvogel" as Captain Savard (mini)
"The Diviners" as Royland in 1993 (TV)
"The Trial of Red Riding Hood" as Singer in 1992 (TV)
"X-Men" as Sabretooth/Victor Creed/Additional Voices in 1992
"Quiet K*ller" as Dr. Martin in 1992 (TV)
"Cadillacs and Dinosaurs" as Girth/Hobbs in 1991
"Married to It" as Sol Chamberlain in 1991
"Labor of Love" in 1990 (TV)
"On Thin Ice: The Tai Babilonia Story" in 1990 (TV)
"Alf Tales" in 1988
"The Christmas Wife" as Social Arranger in 1988(TV)
"Hot Paint" in 1988 (TV)
"Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future" as Lacchi in 1987
"Starcom: The U.S. Space Force" as Colonel Brinkley in 1987
"The Big Town" as Carl H*oker in 1987
"Droids" in 1985
"Ewoks" as Umwak, Dulok Shaman, in 1985
"Terminal Choice" as Chauncy Rand in 1985
"Countdown to Looking Glass" as Don Geller in 1984 (TV)
"Inspector Gadget" in 1983
"Rock & Rule" as Mok in 1983
"984: Prisoner of the Future" as The Warden in 1982 (TV)
"Heavy Metal" as Grimaldi, Co-Pilot, Barbarian in 1981
"My Blo*dy Valentine" as Chief Newby in 1981
"The Phoenix Team" as David Brook in 1980
"Summer's Children" as Albert in 1979
"Fish Hawk" as Deut Boggs in 1979
"Riel" as Ouellette in 1979
"Fast Company" as Elder in 1979
"Drying Up The Streets" as Peter Brennan in 1978
"This Land" as Host in 1970
"Drylanders Episode 1" in 1974
"McCabe & Mrs. Miller" as Buffalo in 1971
"Finian's Rainbow" as Woody Mahoney in 1968
"Jericho" as Franklin Sheppard in 1966
"High Steel" as Narrator in 1965
"Other Voices" as Host in 1964
"Alexander Mackenzie: The Lord Of The North" in 1964
"Drylanders" as Russel in 1963
"R.C.M.P." as Constable Bill Mitchell in 1960
"The Price of Fire" as Narrator in 1961
"Ivy League Killers" as Andy in 1959
"Riding High" as Regular in 1955

Notable TV Guest Appearances: "Inspector Gadget" as King in ep. Prince of the Gypsies
"Inspector Gadget" as Hotel Conseirge in ep. Sleeping Gas
"Inspector Gadget" as General in ep. Follow That Jet
"Inspector Gadget" as Engineer in ep. Basic Training
"Inspector Gadget" as Captain in ep. Pirate Island
"Inspector Gadget" as Big M.A.D. Agent in ep. Health Spa
"Inspector Gadget" as Big M.A.D. Agent in ep. Haunted Castle
"Inspector Gadget" as Big M.A.D. Agent in ep. The Boat
"Inspector Gadget" as Thief #1 in ep. Eye of the Dragon
"Inspector Gadget" as Squint in ep. Funny Money
"Inspector Gadget" as Science Teacher in ep. M.A.D. Academy
"Inspector Gadget" as Professor Von Slickstein in ep. The Amazon
"Inspector Gadget" as Professor Musty in ep. Did You Myth Me?
"Inspector Gadget" as Professor Lasre in ep. The Ruby
"Inspector Gadget" as Professor Frumpkin in ep. Monster Lake
"Inspector Gadget" as Presto Change-O in ep. Presto Change-O
"Inspector Gadget" as Old Guard in ep. Snakin' All Over
"Inspector Gadget" as M.A.D. Agent #2/Flower Shop Owner in ep. Art Heist
"Inspector Gadget" as M.A.D. Yodeler/M.A.D. Agent in ep. The Coo Coo Clock Caper
"Inspector Gadget" as M.A.D. Agent in ep. The Invasion
"Inspector Gadget" as M.A.D. Agent in ep. Down On The Farm
"Inspector Gadget" as M.A.D. Agent in ep. A Bad Altitude
"Inspector Gadget" as M.A.D. Agent in ep. M.A.D. Academy
"Inspector Gadget" as M.A.D. Agent #2 in ep. All That Glitters
"Inspector Gadget" as LaPoof's Assistant/Madam's Butler in ep. In Seine
"Inspector Gadget" as The Quiz Master in ep. Quiz Master's
"Inspector Gadget" as Patches/Elevator Operator/Crazy Guy in ep. School For Pickpockets
"Eerie Indiana: The Other Dimension" as Sandman in ep. Nightmare On Eerie Street
"PSI Factor: Chronicals of the Paranormal as Samuel Thompson in ep. Wendigo
"Earth Final Conflict" as Kyle Madrid in ep. Trapped By Time
"Mannix" in ep. Memory:Zero in 1967
"Front Page Challenge" as Guest in 1957
"Relic Hunter" in ep. Flag Day as Jake Whitney in 1999
"Early Edition' in ep. Jenny Sloan as Howard Banner in 1996
"Road To Avonlea" in ep. The Return of Gus Pike as Abe Pike in 1990
"Kung Fu: The Legend Continues" in ep. Enter the Tiger as Stranger in 1992
"X-Men" in ep. Old Soliders as Captain America in 1992
"Street Legal" in ep. I'll Be Home For Christmas as Mel in 1986
"Seeing Things" as Gary in ep. Blind Alley
"The Littlest Hobo" in ep. The Good Shepherd as Reverend Dobson in 1979
"Seeing Things" in ep. I'm Looking Through You as Sunshine in 1981
"Mission: Impossible" in ep. The Numbers Game as Major Alex Denesch in 1966
"The Virginian" in ep. The Land Dreamer in 1962
"Mission: Impossible" in ep. A Game Of Chess as Nicholas Groat in 1966
"The Wild, Wild West" in ep. The Night of the Grand Emir as T. Wigget Jones in 1965
"The Man fron U.N.C.L.E" in ep. The Round Table Aff*ir as Artie King in 1964
"Front Page Challenge" as Guest in 1957

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