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Synopsis: Nat discovers a family of freed slaves squatting in the woods near Plumfield. Jo invites the family to stay at the school while they adjust to freedom, causing almost everyone to reveal, either overtly or unintentionally, the various prejudices inherent in all of us.

Jo invites a family of freed slaves to stay at the school.

Jo takes in a family of former slaves.

Rating: 3 Stars!

Episode Number: 105

Original Air Date: December 5, 1998

Favorite Quote(s):

Nat: I was wondering. What if somebody was really, really hungry, and this kid, this person was almost starving and he didn't mean any harm, he just wanted to feed his family.
Jo: Hmmm. Go on.
Nat: Now, what if he was so desperate that he needed to steal something to eat?
Jo: Like a chicken?
Nat: Like a chicken. But I'm not saying that's what it is.
Jo: Oh, no, of course not.
Nat: Because that wouldn't be right would it? I mean, what if somebody promised they wouldn't tell that there's a hungry family living in the woods.
Jo: No, you - somebody, wouldn't want to do that if he gave his word.
Nat: Right.
Jo: I'm just wondering - if someone happened to follow this somebody - completely by accident of course -
Nat: Mmhmm
Jo: Could someone stumble upon this same family in the woods?

Reson For Rating: My favorite part of this whole episode was the conversation that I posted above. I think it's a good episode, because it makes you think about predjudice, but to me it was kind of slow, and didn't have enough happening to make it really enjoyable. If you're a dedicated fan, like myself, you'll watch it, but it's not one of my favorites!

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