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Family Business

Synopsis: Asia inherits her aunt's restaurant and faces the option to leave. Kids try to block hiring of a new housekeeper. - TV Guide

Asia's elderly aunt in Philadelphia has decided it's time to retire, and offers her niece the opportunity to take over her business - her restaurant. Asia is not sure that she wants to leave her life at Plumfield, but Jo pushes her to accept the offer, feeling that to be an owner rather than a lifelong employee is an opportunity that Asia can't pass up. The Plumfield students, especially Nan, see things differently, and do everything in their power to discourage Asia's prospective replacements from accepting the job. Making matters worse for Jo is Meg, her overly fastidious sister, who offers to move into Plumfield with her family to help run the school, a situation which Jo knows would never work. Asia's dilemma forces all the residents of Plumfield to examine their feelings for her, and their definition of family. - CTV (titled as "Family Hunters"??)

Rating: 3 Stars!

Episode Number: 205

Original Air Date: September 24, 1999

Favorite Quote(s):

At The Moment, I Can't Think Of Any. :(

Reason For Rating: Not one of their "best", but still a good episode.

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