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Father Figure

Synopsis: With the arrival of the much anticipated winter festival, Concord is in a furry of preparation. With the highlight of the festivities being the father-son cross country ski race, Nat asks Nick to be his "father." Nick agrees, but he later confesses to Jo that he cannot ski. Jo offers to teach Nick, which proves to be a lesson in patience as well as skill. After a bully picks on him, Nat asks Nick to teach him how to fight. When Nat is injured as a result, Nick is forced to re-evaluate his role and responsibilities as a father figure at Plumfield.

Jo teaches Nick to ski; Nick serves as a father figure for Nat.

Rating: 4 1/2 Stars!

Episode Number: 112

Original Air Date: February 20, 1999

Favorite Quote(s):

Nan: Boys get to race and girls get to enter the mother-daughter quilting contest!
Nat: What are you so mad about? I mean, Mrs. Jo said she'd enter with you.
Nan: I don't wanna make a quilt Nat, I wanna race, like you.
Nat: You should be glad you're not. It'll save you the embarrassment of loosing to me.

Cade: Enjoy making your quilt, both of you.
Nan: Well, I'll make a really big quilt, so I can bury you in it.

Nick: Here ya go Nan, that's gonna make a nice quilt.
Nan (sarcastically): Oh yes, lovely.

Nan: Fine, disqualify me. Give him the ribbon. But you know I beat you, and you can remember that every time you look at it.
Cade: Go ahead, give it to her.

Nan: Here Nat.
Nat: Nan? I can't take it.
Nan: You would have beat me anyways . . . well no, you wouldn't have, but . . I want you to have it.

Reson For Rating: I love this episode! A little bit of trivia for those of you who don't already know: The actor who played Cade (Ben Cook), was the same person who played Dan in the 1997 Little Men movie. I love the relationship between the kids, and between the kids and Nick and Jo, I love . . face it, I loved the whole thing!

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