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Heidi Noelle Lenhart

Heidi Noelle Lenhart was in the episodes: "Opposites Attract" and "Leap Of Faith".

Sometimes Credited As: Heidi Lenhart

Born: August 22, 1973

Daughter of: Cheryl Saban
Step-daughter of: Haim Saban

Other Shows She's Been In: "Crocodile 2: Death Roll" in 2001
"Au Pair II" as Jenny Morgan in 2001 (TV, Credited as Heidi Lenhart)
"Final Ascent" as Beth in 2000 (TV)
"Au Pair" as Jenny Morgan in 1999 (TV)
"Addams Family Reunion" as Melinda Adams in 1998 (V)
"Born Bad" as Laura in 1997
"Fame L.A." as Suzanne Carson in 1997 (TV SERIES)
"Read Meat" as Mia in 1997
"Eagle Riders" as Kelly Jenar in 1996 (TV SERIES)
"The Why? Why? Family" in 1996 (TV SERIES)
"D*adly Sins" as Marie in 1995
"Menendez: A K*ll*ng in Beverly Hills" as Gail in 1994 (TV)
"Blindfold: Acts Of Obsession" as Young Girl in 1994 (TV)
"Shadow of Obsession" as Patty Abruzzi in 1994 (TV)
"Honeybee Hutch" as Haley in 1994 (TV SERIES)
"California Dreams" as Jenny Garrison in 1992 (TV SERIES)
"A Quiet Little Neighborhood, A Perfect Little M*rder" as The Neighbor in 1990 (TV)
"The G*rl Who Came Between Them" as Betty in 1990 (TV)

Notable TV Guest Appearances: "Maybe This Time" as Monique in ep. St. Valentine's Day in 1995
"Zoe, Duncan, Jack and Jane" as Subway Girl in ep. Down and Out at Bleeker and Houston in 1999
"The Pretender" as Shea in ep. Extreme in 1996
"Beverly Hills 90210" as Ellen in ep. Spring Fever in 1990
"Beverly Hills 90210" as Ellen in ep. The Easter Bunny in 1990
"Beverly Hills 90210" as Ellen in ep. And Don't Forget To Give Me Back My Black T-Shirt in 1990
"Beverly Hills 90210" as Ellen in ep. Love Is Blind in 1990
"Beverly Hills 90210" as Ellen in ep. I'm Happy For You . . . Really in 1990
"Beverly Hills 90210" as Ellen in ep. Ode To Joy in 1990
"Pacific Blue" in ep. Rumpelstiltskin in 1996
"Silk Stalkings" as Sarah in ep. The Babysitter in 1991
"Night Stand" as Chantal Poussay in ep. Eurotrash in 1995
"The Burning Zone" in ep. Night Filght in 1996
"Night Stand" as Fifi LeBustier in 1995

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