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Home For Christmas

Synopsis: Nick is accused of k*lling a gambler to whom Ben owes money. - TV Guide

As Christmas approaches everyone at Plumfield is hoping for snow, but an unwelcome storm of a different kind blows in. While having a drink in a local tavern, Nick is accosted by a belligerent gambler, who claims that Nick helped his brother Ben skip town to avoid paying off a gambling debt. Taking the dispute outside, Nick is sucker-punched before he can prepare to defend himself, and then gives chase to his adversary. The next morning, Nick is arrested and charged with the m*rder of his assailant, who was found dead of a rifle shot. While the residents of Plumfield rise to his defense, Nick remains strangely silent, and circumstantial evidence begins to mount against him. Is Nick capable of murder and robbery, or is he acting nobly to protect his never-do-well brother, Ben? Though Meg's former paramour Edward returns to Concord to defend Nick pro bono, it remains for Dan to discover the truth behind a mystery shrouded in Nick and Ben's tangled brotherly love. - CTV

Rating: 5 Stars!

Episode Number: 212

Original Air Date: December 17, 1999

Favorite Quote(s):

Reson For Rating: It's sad to think that this is the last episode . . there are so many stories that still needed to be told, but this was a really good episode, with a great ending! Definitely worth the 5 stars!!!

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