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Ian D. Clark


Now Lives In: Probably Canada

Other Television and Movies In: "Paradise Falls" as Dominic Bernini in 2001 (TV Series)
"Spinning Out Of Control" as Leonard Pittman in 2001 (TV)
"Cruel Intentions 2" as Principal Freeman in 2000 (TV)
"The Hunt For The Unicorn Killer" as Dennis Weair in 1999 (TV)
"The Wishing Tree" as Mr. Davies in 1999
"Sealed with a Kiss" as Cab Driver in 1999 (TV)
"The Hunt For The Unicorn K*ller" as Dennis Weaire in 1999 (TV)
"The Arrow" as Edward Critchley in 1997 (TV)
"That Old Feeling" as Rufus in 1997 (Credited as Ian Clark)
"Ed McBain's 87th Precinct: Heatwave" as Jerry Piper in 1997 (TV)
"Lilies - les feluettes" as Chaplain/Father Saint Michel in 1996
"Bach's Fight for Freedom" as Josef in 1995
"The Michelle Apts." as Abernathy in 1995
"Treacherous Beauties" as Barry in 1994 (TV)
"Trial & Error" as Randi Kirby in 1993 (TV)
"Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould" as Phillip Brennan in 1993
"Last Wish" in 1992 (TV)
"Road To Avonlea" as Simon Tremayne in 1990 (TV Series)
"A Nest of Singing Birds" as David Gore in 1987
"The Boy in Blue" as Aussie #1 in 1986

Notable TV Guest Appearances: "The Associates" in ep. Pilot on 1/16/01
"Animorphs" as Nate Lipman in ep. The Front on 2/27/00
"Wind at My Back" as Warner Shank in ep. The Wild Blue Yonder in 2000
"Twice In A Lifetime" in 1999 (Episode #2.5)
"Kung Fu: The Legend Continues" in ep. Cruise Missiles on 10/16/95
"Robocop" as Brendan Forbes in ep. Inside Crime on 7/1/94
"The Mighty Jungle" as Drayton in ep. About Last Night on 4/10/94
"Forever Knight" as Dr. Spense in ep. The Fix in 1994
"Beyond Reality" in ep. Late for Dinner on 11/7/92

Most of the information on this page came from the Internet Movie Database

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