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John Bourgeois

John Bourgeois was in the episodes: "Changes" and "Dangerous Lessons" though he was reffered to in other episodes.

Other Shows In: "Guilty Hearts" as Rev. Joseph Masters in 2002(TV Mini Series)
"Maximum Capacity" as Glenn in 2001
"The Pretender: Island of the Haunted" in 2001 (TV)
"And Never Let Her Go" as David Stanton in 2001 (TV)
"Thin Air" in 2000 (TV)
"Gingersnaps" as Henry in 2000
"Rescue Heroes" as Warren Watters in 1999 (TV Series)
"Guilty Hearts" in 1999
"A Gift of Love: The Daniel Huffman Story as Barry Huffman in 1999 (TV)
"Black and Blue" as Commissioner in 1999 (TV)
"Sealed with a Kiss" as Cowboy Bob in 1999 (TV)
"A Map of the World" as Judge Patterson in 1999
"Judgement Day: The Ellie Nesler Story" as Jack Griffin in 1999
"Conquest" as Morley Pincer's Boss in 1998
"Valentine's Day" as Keenan in 1998 (TV)
"Ice" as Golding in 1998 (TV)
"My Father's Shadow: The Sam Sheppard Story" as Robert in 1998 (TV)
"The Mighty" as Mr. Sacker in 1998
"When He Didn't Come Home" as Detective Maas in 1998 (TV)
"Promise the Moon" as Mr. Waverly in 1997
"When Innocence Is Lost" as Lyle Dunham in 1997 (TV)
"Ms. Scrooge" as Cratchit in 1997 (TV)
"Bad to the Bone" in 1997 (TV)
"M*rder at 1600" as Captain Farr D.C. Police in 1997
"When Secrets Kill" as Chief Matthews in 1997 (TV)
"Dead Silence" as Daniel Tremain in 1997 (TV)
"Double Jeopardy" as Detective Chase in 1996 (TV)
"Jack Reed: Death and Vengeance" as Myers in 1996 (TV)
"Fight For Justice: The Nancy Conn Story" as Shifflett in 1995 (TV)
"Never Talk To Strangers" as Uniformed Cop in 1995
"Searching For Bobby Fischer" as Gym Parent in 1993
"JFK: Reckless Youth" as Burnet in 1993 (TV Series mini)
"By Way Of The Stars" in 1992
"Kung Fu: The Legend Continues" as Desk Sgt. John Broderick in 1992 (TV Series)
"D*adly Matrimony" as Eddie Segura in 1992 (TV)
"Divided loyalties" in 1989
"Sea Of Love" as Young Cop in 1989

Notable Tv Guest Appearances: "Highlander: The Raven" in ep. Birthright on 10/31/98
"Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal" as Lang in ep. Kiss of the Tiger on 2/9/98
"Wind at My Back" as Skip Roper in ep. Radio Waves on 11/30/97
"Wind at My Back" as Skip Roper in ep. Moving Mountains 2/16/97
"Traders" as Surogin in ep. Dancing with Mr. D in 1996
"Robocop" as Col Albert Brox in ep. Ghosts Of War on 4/16/94
"Forever Knight" as Jake in ep. Fire Inside in 1994
"Matrix" as Brent Metcalf in ep. Blindside on 4/19/93
"E.N.G." in ep. Captain Richardson in 1993
"Beyond Reality" in ep. Justice on 5/15/92
"Katts and Dog" in ep. Blind Spot in 1991
"Friday the 13th" as Briggs in ep. Bad Penny on 10/30/89
"Street Legal" in ep. World-Class City in 1988
"Seeing Things" in ep. A Vision in White on 5/15/87

Most of the information on this page came from the Internet Movie Database