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Kay Hawtrey

Kay Hawtrey was in the episode: "Family Buisiness".

Other Shows In: "A Colder Kind Of Death" as Marge the Flower Lady in 2001 (TV)
"Haven" in 2001
"Jewel" in 2001
"Focus" as Mrs. Worell in 1999 (TV)
"What Katy Did" as Mrs. Worrell in 1999(TV)
"The Third Miracle" as Wheelchair Mother in 1999
"Happy Christmas, Miss King" as Mabel Sloane in 1998(TV)
"Urban Legend" as Library Attendant in 1998
"Dirty Work" as Gladys in 1998
"My Own Country" as Lady in Church in 1998(TV)
"In Love and War" as Grace Hemingway in 1997
"Secret Life of Algernon" as Mrs. Biney in 1997
"Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy" in 1996
"Two If By Sea" as Lady with dog in 1996
"At The Midnight Hour" as Mrs. Pram in 1995(TV)
"Trapped in Paradise" as Rose Weyerhauser in 1994
"Trial by Jury" as Clara in 1994
"A Little Piece Of Heaven" as Della in 1991(TV)
"The Return of Eliot Ness" in 1991(TV)
"Baby on Board" as Matron #1 in 1991
"Road to Avonlea" as Mabel Sloane in 1990(TV SERIES)
"The Dream Team" as Nurse in 1989
"Double Standard" in 1988(TV)
"Police Academy 4:Citizens On Patrol" as Poetess in 1987
"Haunted By Her Past" as Saleslady in 1987(TV)
"Taking Care Of Terrific" as Mrs. Kolodny in 1987(TV)
"Anne of Avonlea" as Mabel Sloane in 1987
"Love At Stake" as Mrs. Johnson in 1987
"Confidential" as Doris in 1986
"Videodrome" as Matron in 1983
"Silence Of The North" in 1981
"Mom, the Wolfman and Me" as Nurse in 1980(TV)
"Funeral Home" as Maude Chalmers in 1980
"Fish Hawk" as Mary Bryan in 1979
"Torn Between Two Lovers" as Anna Conti 1979(TV)
"High-Ballin'" as Ma in 1978
"The Ottawa Valley" as Dodie in 1974(TV)
"Tom Sawyer" in 1973(TV)
"Face-Off" as Mother in 1972
"All The Way Home" as Sally 1971 (TV)

Notable Guest Appearances: "Today's Special" in ep. Queen of Hearts as The Queen of Hearts in 1981.
"Relic Hunter" as Older Woman in ep. Afterlife and Death in 1999.
"Traders" as Mildred in ep. Bad Is Good and Pennies From Heaven in 1996.
"KungFu: The Legend Continues" as Mary Kemp in ep. Gunfighters in 1992
"Katts and Dog" in ep. Mistaken Identity in 1988
"Seeing Things" as Mrs. Burchell in ep. The Night Has A Thousand Eyes in 1979
"Seeing Things" as Alma in ep. Seeing The Country in 1979

Most of the information on this page came from the Internet Movie Database