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Thomas and Munro Chambers

These are twin brothers who play Rob.

Born: July 29, 1990
Where: Toronto, Canada

Now Live In: Toronto, Canada

Other Shows In: They are in the new commercial for Pilsbury (2001) with the mom talking about how the family is never home at the same time, so the rolls are easy to make for dinner (or something to that effect.)
Munro was in a commercial for MacDonald's but other than that Little Men is their first.

Munro Was In: "A Wrinkle in Time" as Sandy Murry in 2002 (mini - TV Series)
"Prancer Returns" as Charlie's Double in 2001 (V).

Their Hobbies Include: Hockey and Baseball. "They live and die with the Toronto Maple Leafs in the winter and the Toronto Blue Jays in the summer." (quote by father). They are both taking piano lessons and doing great.

Father: Scott Chambers
They have a younger brother, Michael.

Quote from father, Scott, "Thomas will always remind you, he is the older brother by 2 minutes."

Quote from a fan, "Thomas, when he saw a camera pointed at him, took off his hat and smiled. Munro was interested in his sucker. He seemed embarrassed to have his picture taken. They are SO cute!"

*Thomas and Munro came to the 2000 Little Men Convention so many lucky fans got to meat them!

Little Piece Of Trivia: "I asked him {Thomas} which one was reading the 3 Little Pigs book, and he said that was all Munro. Every scene I brought up, it was Munro (according to Thomas) so I asked what Thomas did, and he said he was the Rob that was in the first two scenes of the first ep. :-)" Quote from fan!

The Information on this page came from the Chambers' Father, and from the Internet Movie Database

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