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Rachel Skarsten

Born: April 23, 1985
Where: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Now Lives In: Canada

Other Shows In: "Birds of Prey" as Dinah Laurel Lance/Black Canary in 2002 (TV SERIES)
"Virginia's Run" as Caroline Lofton in 2002
"Jewel" as Raylene #1 on Feb. 7, 2001 (TV)
"Angels In The Infield" as Brigette in 2000 (TV - Credited as Rachael Skarsten)

Notable Guest Appearances: "Screech Owls" as Suki Sutherland in 2001
"Twice In A Lifetime" as Young Julie in ep. Curveball on 9/13/00
"The Famous Jett Jackson,"as Mickey Twitty in ep. Vootle-Muck-a-Heev on 11/8/98
She also had a part in the Global television movie titled "Justice."

Her Favorite Things To Do Are: Watching hockey, reading about hockey, and playing field hockey.

Her Hobbies Include: draw, dance, singing in the shower, being with her family, swimming, horseback riding, cycling, and rollerblading.

She Has A Brother Named: Jonathan

Pets: 1 Dog (Cocoa), 2 Cats (Princen and Micio), and a hamster (Deo).

Other Significant Items: She was in several school plays such as "Romeo and Juliet." Also, she tragically lost her father at a young age. She is fluent in Norwegian, and she has graduated from Toronto's Claude Watson School For The Arts.

* Rachel is actually a very talented singer, so when she sang "Beautiful Dreamer" she was pretending to be bad. You've gotta be really good, if you know how to sing and still manage to do that bad!

Most of the information on this page came from the Internet Movie Database

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