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Spencer D'Oyly Rochfort

Born: December 9, 1966
Where: Fortworth, Texas, but he was raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Now Lives In: Los Angeles, Califonia

He Is: 5'11"

Other Shows In: "Operation Delta Force II: Mayday" as Hutch in 1998 (TV)
"Motel Blue" as Steven Butler in 1997
"Josh Kirby . . .Time Warrior! Planet Of The Dino-Knights" as Lord Henry in 1995 (V)
"Josh Kirby . . .Time Warrior! The Human Pets" as Lord Henry in 1995 (V)
"Saved By The Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas" as Johnny Edmonds in 1994 (TV)
"Acapulco H.E.A.T." as Brett in 1993 (TV Series)
"Falling Down" as Second in 1993
"Kiss of a Killer" as Younger Man in 1993 (TV)
"Ski School" as Derek Stevens in 1991
"Sylvan Lake Summer" as Troy in 1990
"Unbowed" in 1998,
"Baby Blues" in 1990.

Notable Guest Appearances: "Baywatch" as Jason in ep. Double Jeopardy on 4/26/99
"Beverly Hills 90210" as Johnny in ep. The Wedding Part 1 on 5/20/98
"Beverly Hills 90210" as Johnny in ep. The Fundamental Things Apply on 5/13/98
"Pacific Blue" as David Zane in ep. Heat of the Moment on 4/5/98
"Grace Under Fire," as Long-Haired Guy in ep. Grace and Sailor Bob on 10/9/96
"Baywatch," as Eddie in ep. The Incident on 1/15/96
"Silk Stalkings" as Kyle Warner in ep. Tricks of the Trade on 10/22/95
"Ellen" as Jerry in ep. Ballet Class on 2/8/95
"Baywatch," as Zack in ep. Shark's Cove on 4/20/92
"Neon Rider" as Chad Mason in ep. Blood Feud in 1990
"The Beachcombers" as Jordey in ep. Robokid in 1989

He was in Theatre Performances Of: "Is There Life After Birth?"
"The Food Chain" as Serge Stubin
"Our Town"
"Babal Rap", and
"The Running of the Grunyons"

Other Significant Items: He Is A Dual Citizen of Canada and the U.S. He was in an off-Broadway production called "The Food Chain."

His Hobbies Include: Sailing, motorcycling, rock-climbing, and traveling.

He is Currently Single

Most of the information on this page came from the Internet Movie Database

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