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Trevor Blumas

Born: October 16, 1984
Where: London, Ontario, Canada

Now Lives In: Pretty sure its Ontario

He is approx. 5'7" or 5'8"

Other Shows In: "Guilt By Association" as Teenage Max in 2002(TV)
"Jane Doe" as John in 2001(TV)
"The Unsaid" as Kyle Hunter in 2001"
"Inside The Osmonds" as Jimmy in 2001(TV)
"Virtual Mom" in 2000(TV)
"Dinner at Fred's," as Young Richard in 1999
"Monet: Shadow and Light" as Daniel Fontaire in 1999(TV)
"Switching Goals," as Greg in 1999(TV)
"Seasons of Love" as the teenage son in 1999
"Stranger in Town," as Aaron in 1998 (TV)
"The Wall," as Ben Holst (segment "The Pencilholder") in 1998
"Love on Land,"
"Bad Prospect,"

Notable Guest Appearances: "Earth Final Conflict as Jebediah Good in ep. Float Like A Butterfly on 11/10/97
"Twice In A Lifetime" in ep. The Choice
"Twice In A Lifetime" as young father in ep. Curveball on 9/13/00
"Due South," as Young Fraser in ep. Easy Money on 9/30/98

"Earth: Final Conflict," as Jebediah Good in ep. Float Like A Butterfly on 11/10/97
Sisters: Jaclyn and Alexandra (Allie)

Mother: Lynn (is a photographer)

His Hobbies Include: Skiing, football, playing in a band. While he loves acting, he dreams of being an astronomer.

Other Significant Items: He performed in the Original Kids Theatre Company in London, Ontario, Canada. He has been in many stage productions, including, "Annie Warbucks", "My Fair Lady", "How To Eat Like A Child" with his sister Jaclyn, and "Casey" as Young Michael.

Most of the information on this page came from the Internet Movie Database

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