David Hemblen

David Hemblen was in the episode: "The Lantern Man".

Born In: London, England
Grew Up In: Toronto

Has a Daughter Kate, who is also an actress

Has Two Dogs

Has A Second Home in South France

Other Shows In: "Rollerball" as Serokin in 2002
"Jane Doe" in 2001 (TV)
"Rats" as Richard Blythe in 2000
"X-Men: Mutant Academy" as Magneto/Erik Magnus Lehnsherr in 2000
"Deliberate Intent" in 2000 (TV)
"Common Ground" as Chester Burroughs in 2000 (TV)
"Redwall" as Asmodeus in 1999
"Silver Surfer" as Supreme Intelligence in 1999
"Judgement Day: The Ellie Nesler Story" as Judge Polley in 1999 (TV)
"Crime in Connecticut: The Story of Alex Kelly" in 1999 (TV)
"The Silver Surker" as Supreme Intelligence in 1998
"Valentine's Day" as Jennings in 1998 (TV)
"The Herd" in 1998
"The Last Don II" as Bishop Enzo in 1998
"The Defenders: Choice of Evils" in 1998 (TV)
"Bach Cello Suite #4: Sarabande" in 1997
"Earth: Final Conflict" as Jonathan Doors in 1997
"The Sweet Heareafter" as Abbott Driscoll in 1997
"Booty Call" as Dr. Blade in 1997
"Breach of Faith: Family of Cops II" as Mr. Yannis in 1997 (TV)
"Devil's Food" as Deep Voice in 1996 (TV)
"Thunder Point" in 1996 (TV)
"We the Jury" in 1997 (TV)
"Maximum Risk" as Dmitri Kirov in 1996
"Fly Away Home" as Dr. Killian in 1996
"Hiroshima" as Steve Early in 1995 (TV)
"Hollow Point" as Oleg Krezinsky in 1995
"Iron Eagle IV" as Soviet Interrogator in 1995
"Pocahontas: The Legend" as Captain Newport in 1995
"When the Dark Man Calls" as Officer Erikson in 1995 (TV)
"The Song Spinner" as Nizzle in 1995 (TV)
"The Champagne Safari" as Charles Bedaux in 1995
"Tommy Boy" as Archer in 1995
"Mesmer" as Dr. Ingehousz in 1994
"Replikator" as Police Chief Rinehart" in 1994
" " as Inspector in 1994
"Brainscan" as Dr. Fromberg in 1994
"Model by Day" in 1994 (TV)
"TekWar: TekLords" as Inspector Winterguild in 1994 (TV)
"TekWar" as Inspector Winterguild in 1994
"Lifeline to Victory" as Oldbest in 1993 (TV)
"I Love a Man in Uniform" as Father in 1993
"M. Butterfly" as Intelligence Officer #1 in 1993
"X-Men" as Erik Magnus in 1992
"The First Circle" in 1991 (TV)
"Le Peloton d'execution" as Sergeant Mortlake in 1991 (TV)
"The Adjuster" as Bert, the Head Censor in 1991
"In Defense of a Married Man" as Colin Barrie in 1990 (TV)
"T. and T." as Detective Dick Hargrove in 1990
"Speaking Parts" as Producer in 1989
"Norman's Awesome Experience" as Septimus Fabius in 1988
"Short Circuit 2" as Jones in 1988
"Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future" in 1987
"Basements" as Mr. Hudd in 1987 (TV)
"Family Viewing" as Stan in 1987
"Inside Out" in 1979 (TV)

TV GUEST APPEARANCES: "A Nero Wolfe Mystery" as Lewis Hewitt in ep. The Doorbell Rang in 2001
"A Nero Wolfe Mystery" as Lewis Hewitt in ep. Champagne For One in 2001
"Earth Final Conflict" in ep. Limbo as Jonathan Doors in 1997
"La Femme Nikita" in ep. Three Eyed Turtle as George in 1997
"La Femme Nikita" in ep. All Good Things as George in 1997
"La Femme Nikita" in ep. Looking For Michael as George in 1997
"The Outer Limits" in ep. The Camp as Commandant in 1995
"Lonesome Dove: The Outlaw Years" in ep. Redemption in 1995
"Robocop" in ep. Faces Of Eve in 1994 "Matrix" in ep. To Err Is Human as Shamus Cobb in 1993
"Forever Knight" in ep. Sons of Velial as Dr. Max Venderwal in 1992
"Sweating Bullets" in ep. Death's a Beach as Krieger in 1991
"Road to Avonlea" in ep. Davey and the Mermaid as Lemuel Snibb in 1990
"Katts and Dog" in ep. Stage Mother in 1988
"Adderly" in ep. The Dancing Lesson as Mikhail Astrov in 1986
"Street Legal" in ep. A Little Knowledge as Benton in 1986
"Alfred Hitchcock Presents" in ep. M*rder Party as Andrew Walker in 1985
"The Twilight Zone" in ep. 20/20 Vision as Cutler in 1985

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